Client Testimonials

Paula represented me in my divorce case. In the beginning, I had hired another attorney as he made me believe that the divorce case in NJ is very simple. After dealing with him and coming to know the judiciary system, I realized that most of attorneys here are clueless when the case goes to trial. Most of the attorney are just to forward the documents back and forth and have you sign it, they hope that both the parties agree and case is closed.

However Paula is the best, she is an all-rounder that can maneuver the case in either situation. She will try her best to get the case settle before going to trial in your favor, at the same time, she is fearless to make the case in trial room too. She is very adaptable and comes across as a friendly and family oriented person. This helps you, as a client, since you go through both the emotional and financial trauma during the divorce process. She along with her partner, provide clients the backup and second opinion needed in the complex situation. I was involved in the fraudulent marriage situation that was complicated, involving false domestic violence and other aspect of the divorce and she delivered it for me. She is the best!

Ravi M.


I have already recommended Raul to my closest friends and family. He handled my needs with care and I could not have been more pleased with his efficiency and attention to every detail! Some of my family have already used him after my recommendation and have been equally pleased.


I have hired Paula multiple times to help me out with various issues pertaining to my divorce/child support and other various parenting issues I've had to deal with. Paula has helped me through some extremely stressful times and her advice and counsel has always been excellent. She has always fought for me and never led me wrong. I highly recommend her and her team.


Paula represented me over 10 years ago and a visitation matter. At the time I was a young mother who was scared confused abused manipulated and intimidated at the hands of an abusive spouse. Paul is firm gave her to me to represent me in this matter . When I saw her I saw her as a fellow female who was nice but I had no idea what I was in for until I got to court .

When I go to court she basically turn into a pitbull and fought for me to no end. She objected to anything that could hurt me in court
She was quick on her feet and could respond to anything that was being thrown at her. she was aggressive tough fearless basically she figuratively knocked out my ex in court for me. She was my Inner voice I can say things that I was scared to say she could think for me and act for me . The end result was we won and the visitation terms remain in place.

At the end I felt exhilarated vindicated relieved all thanks to Paula she knows the law and is not scared to speak up and fight for her client in court she represented me and looked out for my best interest in the interest of my son. I will recommend her to anyone and plan to use her again


Ms. Menar is an excellent lawyer that specializes in Family Law. I found her to be very accessible and attentive. She possesses immense knowledge on NJ family laws. She guided me through the complexities of NJ court system and matrimonial laws. Ms. Menar appears to have a passion for her clients and the cases she takes on. I believe she pursued my case very thoroughly and aggressively for the best outcome for me.


I won residential custody of my son 5 years ago, thanks to the help of Paula Menar. Before Paula, I was at an automatic disadvantage being a man, and had supervised visitation for no good reason. I was often denied even short supervised visitation by my son's mother with no consequence and barely saw my son. With Paula's help, not only did I get my visitation enforced, but we were able to prove that my son's mother was unfit and ultimately, my son came to live with me. Paula always had accurate advice and knew every effective way to combat difficult situations. It was a very difficult process, but she was always compassionate. Paula was also my attorney for a separate matter when my son's mother made up a false assault story and had me arrested. At court, Paula was strong, smart, and honest, and again, won my case. I have been working with her for eight years now and can't imagine how my life would be without her help.