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Don't Let Divorce Wear You Down

Divorce can take an emotional and mental toll on your family. Relieve some of your stress by coming to Menar & Menar, Attorneys At Law. A divorce attorney will guide you through this difficult process.

For aggressive representation, turn to an experienced divorce attorney in New Brunswick, Middlesex County & Freehold or Monmouth County, NJ today.

We'll simplify divorce law for you

You don't need to understand the complexities of divorce law to get a good outcome from your separation. Menar & Menar, Attorneys At Law will represent you during negotiations over:

  • Spousal support-make sure your alimony agreement is fair for both parties.
  • Equitable distribution-get the help you need to divide your shared property.
  • Post-judgement issues-resolve divorce issues that arise after the proceedings are finished.

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